Non Apologetic Gratitude Nod to Mr. Vinklarek  Modern Abstract Fish Art Artwork Paintings J Vincent Scarpace

“Non-Apologetic Gratitude Nod to Mr. Vinklarek” (2021)

"Unless he's changed, he would undoubtedly, despise this "Title," the fact that this is on a website of this named URL. He'd not like the gratitude shown, but maybe (maybe) the nod. He'd say, "This is not art." He's claim it should not be signed and/or dated, and that little intent to copyright symbol is 'ridiculous and insane, meaningless' ... he'd proclaim. He might gently point to the abstraction present, and he's most likely, certainly going to explain the piece by asking more questions to allow himself the opportunity to verbalize more answers in an unabashed show and display of his art knowledge and experience; ALL THIS while playing some John Coltrane sound stylings in the background. He'd point out a few spots where I, as the artist, were "apologizing" via a few (or many) too many brush strokes or unnecessary texture, or color, or other art element taken too far, in his mind and mind's eye ... "NEVER APOLOGIZE IN YOUR ART," he state, in my face, near my face. He'd hate this art, my guess, while at the same time very lightly, very subtly, admiring it within, on some level only he could discern or allow to be known. ALL OF THIS, and likely more ... And, you know what?!?! ... HE'D BE PRECISELY CORRECT.
No matter what, I am grateful to Mr. Vinklarek. He taught me MUCH, and I've tried for many years now to use what he so wanted me to learn. He's better thought of than he knows (yet, probably could seem to not be able to care less, outwardly); and I'm more appreciative than he'll ever allow himself to see, or if seen, to ever admit, imo.
May the art gods be kind to him, as he was kind to me, as a student of art, even if I, at the time, were too full of myself to let him know how very much I was learning." ~jVs.


vinklarek1_det1 vinklarek1_det2 vinklarek1_det3 vinklarek1_det4 vinklarek1_det5 vinklarek1_edge vinklarek1_whole vinklarek1_whole_use vinklarek1_whole2

Description: Original Abstract Expressionism Non-representational / Geometric Shapes Art
Details: Acrylic on stretched canvas, 16×20 inches
Gallery Value: $1398.00

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