Mom From With Love  Modern Abstract Fish Art Artwork Paintings J Vincent Scarpace

“Mom From: With Love” (2017)

"This painting is dedicated to my late Mom, in memory of her, my first art teacher. She would of been 77 years of age today (born Jan. 3, 1940), and I hope she has found the peace she so deserved in life, in the ever after. My mom enjoyed painting and nature, very much, and with her help I learned from a very young age to appreciate art via the creative process. I am grateful for all she ever did for me, setting me on a path of deep appreciation and fascination with art and the making of art. From her, I gained a method of escape, a way to learn, to be myself, to express myself, a good portion of my sense of humor, how to make something from nothing, and a way to see the world from my own perspective (and maybe even better, a chance to share those perspectives with others)! ALL of this created in her child something VITAL - a sense of honest self-esteem. Cancer took my Mom from this world in 2008. I miss her everyday; and thankfully, I have the chance to visit with her often, in my studio, in my painting and paintings, in my process, in my existing." ~jVs.


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Description: Original Modern Abstract Fish Art
Details: Acrylic and ink on stretched canvas, 10x20 inches

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