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    1. Hi Katie, thank you for your e-mail comment/question.
      I am glad to help.
      “Ink Fish, Eight” (2012) is an original ink on fine art cardstock (Bristol), and it is approx. 5×7 inches in size.
      The Artist, J. Vincent Scarpace, created this work inspired by a random thought, that being the ‘fish face’ vs. ‘the human face.’ He wondered about such a unique combination after painting a few works with the words, “Fish Face” held within the titles. They did not explore this human/fish interaction or combination. J. Vincent also was inspired by the possibilities of such a composition, and so experimenting began on a short series of ink sketches (one of the finer results of his sketchings in that moment is this work that you have asked about). :-)
      Katie, thank you for asking. Best of luck and skill on your homework and in your Art studies, always. If we can help further, please ask again. Thank you (and your art teacher) for visiting the life’s work of Artist, J. Vincent Scarpace.

      Appreciatively, (jVs.)

  1. Just wanted to give a shout out to a brother from another mother. I was just browsing your site. You are the true definition of passionate. You put your very being into your talent and live it. Don’t ever give up on what you do. You are an inspiration and contributer to the good in the world. May you live what you love and kept giving the world a little piece of you a canvas at a time

    1. Glad to help, Ella.

      Visit this link, to the BIO of J. Vincent Scarpace:
      From there, you should be able to gather several facts.

      Here are a few others to help:
      (Fact) J. Vincent Scarpace was the first born child of two smart, creative, loving parents that encouraged and supported his interest in art from a very young ago (approx. 2-3). J. Vincent still has one of the very first works of art he ever made, a wooden sculpture that he made from wood scraps, when he was age 3. His late Mom saved it for him, writing the date on the bottom of said sculpture.
      (Fact) J. Vincent’s favorite color is Blue-Violet.
      (Fact) J. Vincent has one brother, Anthony. Anthony 5 years younger than J. Vincent, and he creates metal sculptures in his spare time – very talented; he hopes to someday create and offer his works to the art world.
      (Fact) J. Vincent paints nearly everyday, and has done so for 25+ years, in-a-row. He has completed nearly 7,500 original paintings in his lifetime.
      (Fact) J. Vincent is proficient in many, many art media. He enjoys creating in acrylics, oils, watercolor, pastel, pencil, colored pencil, chalk, gouache, tempera, paper mache, clay, pottery, sculpture in various materials, canvas, inks, etc. He practices everyday, even when not creating art (by thinking about new methods and experiments for use with art materials).
      (Fact) J. Vincent started painting fish over 17 years ago. He began by painting realistic water lilies and koi (Japanese carp). The lilies dropped off his canvases within a year, as the fish were his real interest. The realistic fish have morphed into what they are today, generally abstract and post-modern in style as J. Vincent has experimented with different combinations of line, shape, and color.
      (Fact) J. Vincent says he is obsessed and infatuated by line, shape, color, value, texture, perspective, and composition. He strives daily to find new and interesting ways to combine and experiment with different combinations of these basic elements of art. Always trying something new, using what works, re-working what does not. His mind and heart are filled with millions of ideas for future works, and each new painting leads to the next.
      (Fact) J. Vincent was influenced by his late Mom, she also painted (but only as a hobby). He was also influenced early on by the works of Albrecht Durer, and Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh.
      (Fact) J. Vincent is named (in part) after his late grandfather, Vincent Krause – who passed away 8 months before J. Vincent (Jason Vincent) was born, in 1971, in Buffalo, New York, USA.

      Ella, I hope the above facts and resources help you.
      You can also GOOGLE search for “Jason Scarpace” + artist facts OR “J. Vincent Scarpace” + facts, etc … to find additional answers that will be helpful.

      Best of luck and skill on your project, and in all you do.
      I will also e-mail these to the e-mail you provided.
      Thank you,
      ~ jVs.

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