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J. Vincent Scarpace
Born in 1971 – Buffalo, New York

2000 – 2003 B.S., Angelo State University – San Angelo, TX
2003 – 2005 Graduate School, TX A&M University – College Station, TX

Solo Exhibitions:
08/2011 “Quadraguinta” Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
11/2010 Art979 Gallery – Bryan, TX
11/2009 Art979 Gallery – Bryan, TX
11/2008 Art979 Gallery – Bryan, TX
05/1989 Wells Fargo Bank Building – Mesquite, TX

Selected Group Exhibitions:
10/2011 Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
08/2011 Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
06/2011 Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
04/2011 Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
03/2011 Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
01/2011 Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
12/2010 Art979 Gallery – Bryan, TX
11/2010 Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
09/2010 Peck Arts Gallery – Galveston, TX
11/2002 Old Chicken Farm Art Center – San Angelo, TX
11/2001 Old Chicken Farm Art Center – San Angelo, TX
11/2000 Old Chicken Farm Art Center – San Angelo, TX
11/1999 Old Chicken Farm Art Center – San Angelo, TX
11/1998 Old Chicken Farm Art Center – San Angelo, TX

Juried Showings:
05/1993 ARTfest (500, Inc) – Dallas, TX
05/1994 ARTfest (500, Inc) – Dallas, TX
05/1995 ARTfest (500, Inc) – Dallas, TX
07/1988 Art in the Park, 2 – Dallas, TX

Public Collections:
FishTail, by Chef David Burke – New York, NY
The Original Seafood Shanty, Eddie Riegel – Reading, PA
Pier 9, Chef Eric Hara – New York, NY
The Lemon Wedge, Chef Denise Woods – Bryan, TX
The J. Vincent Collection, Jay Withers, et al, – FL
Ormond Orthodontics, Dr. Elizabeth Morejon – Ormond Beach, FL
FishBar, Jim Altamura, Restaurateur – Destin, FL
Pescadores Restaurant, Chef Bev Zarantonello – Port Alberni, BC Canada
R.J.Snappers, Restaurant – Columbus, OH
Dickson Bros., Inc., Allan Crocker and Mary Traveland – Mesquite, TX

Selected Private Collections:
Mr. David Watson and Mrs. Cynthia Christner – College Station, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haby – Plano, TX
Mr. Jon Manning – Plainview, MN
Ms. Tracey Prothro – Humble, TX
Dr. and Mrs. David Louis – Kalamazoo, MI
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kotinek, Bryan, TX
Mrs. Anna Potts – Houston, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Ella Parker – Pasadena, TX
Chef Eric Sayers – Hilton Head Island, SC
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Walley – College Station, TX
Mr. J. Bibo – TX
Mr. and Mrs. Van Huddleston – Wills Point, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown – Rockwall, TX
Mrs. Anna Thomas – San Angelo, TX
Mr. Jeff Haby – Brighton, CO
Mr. Jason Wallace and family – League City, TX

Latest Commissioned Murals:
“Shadows and Shade” The Lemon Wedge, Chef Denise Woods – Bryan, TX
“Space” Scotty’s House, Children’s Advocacy Center Brazos Valley – Bryan, TX
“Sea Scene” Scotty’s House, Children’s Advocacy Center Brazos Valley – Bryan, TX
“Don’t Apologize” The Village Cafe – Historic Downtown Bryan, TX
“Dust Storm” The Republic, 1836 – College Station, TX
“Home” at Luigi’s Ristorante – College Station, TX

07/2011 Flair Magazine. Sherry McCartney, Publisher – B/CS, TX
06/2009 AbouTown Press, Chris Peterson, et al, Publishers, B/CS, TX
05/2009 Home in Style, The Bryan College Station Eagle – B/CS, TX

Related Experience:
01/2011 (Spring semester), Facilitator / Instructor
TX A&M University Faculty Mentor Group, ART, University Scholars Program
– College Station, TX

09/2010 – 05/2010, Facilitator / Co-Teacher / Instructor
TX A&M Univ. Faculty Mentor Group, University Scholars Program – College Station, TX

08/2004 – 05/2008, Art Teacher / Math Teacher
Bryan I.S.D. – Bryan, TX

05/1998 – 08/2003, Resident Artist / Art Instructor,
Old Chicken Farm Art Center – San Angelo, TX

09/2001 – 04/2002, Art Instructor
S.A.L.T. Homeschool Co-op – San Angelo, TX

04/1997 – 08/1997, Art Instructor
Binders Art Center – Dallas, TX

07/1994 – 11/1994, Art Instructor
J&S Art Center – Mesquite, TX

Widely regarded as colorful, completely original, and whimsical, the original works of J. Vincent Scarpace, represent, in his own words, “a personal journey through the use of basic of art elements: line, shape, and color – resulting in an arrival, just past experimentation, at unique works of art which purposely resemble fish.” Perhaps best known for his abstract fish art, he’s followed his passion for the creative process, discovering that therein may lay the true reason for his next work of art, and next step in life for him – the pursuit of one’s own creative potential.

J. Vincent knew from an early age exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Born to loving, creative, and supportive parents and family, he was encouraged from about age 2 to pursue line, shape, and color, and the creation of art. J’s mother, an artist in her own right, taught young J. Vincent how to enjoy drawing, painting, and sculpture very early on. Having a fundamental knowledge of the basic art elements (even before reading and writing, some say) helped J. Vincent to endure an upbringing often marked by his father’s mental illness and his mother’s subsequent, and sometimes all too oft, detrimental, coping skills; building his own reasons and reality toward eventually deciding that his fate and future were held within the creative process – an escape from the usual.

Having attended elementary, middle, and high school in Mesquite, Texas (Mesquite I.S.D.), J. Vincent benefitted from the excellent primary and secondary art education offered by attentive, caring art teachers, that played key roles in J. Vincent’s interest in art while in school, setting not only a possible career path, but also, a creative outlet while at school.

J. Vincent’s works have evolved and grown over the years, and he’s paid his dues through a dedication to the pursuit of his passion and the creative process he so believes in. Having worked as an apprentice, production artist, and studio artist since his age of reason, he’s sacrificed many other worthwhile endeavors in the name of his journey. J. Vincent holds a BS in Education (Art and Education), and after several years of teaching in both private and public schools, he’s now a former teacher, “retired” very early, to his studio to continue his creative journey and drive toward the creation of unique works of abstract art, often within a ‘fish’ theme.

Leaving much behind … His life is consumed with a fascination of, and enthrallment with, the creative process. Well beyond artistic passion, J. lives the life of, and the ups and down (personally and professionally) of an artist. This is whom he is, stated simply. His every move is toward the furthering of his near-obsession with the creation of art via self-expression, at nearly all cost.

Today, J. Vincent Scarpace’s original works can be found in private, public, academic, institutional, and corporate collections world-wide, in over 60 different countries and in all 50 U.S. States. He is currently well-represented on several websites and online art entities and art galleries, in numerous restaurants, and in several corporate and professional collections via decor and wall mural paintings.

J. resides in College Station, TX with his beautiful wife Melanie and their very energetic and inquisitive son, Benjamin.