2 thoughts on ““Abstract Speckled Trout” (2013)

  1. I was just wondering if you had prints of some of your work that is already sold? I absolutely love your work!

    1. Thank you, Megan!
      I appreciate your question, and I am glad to help.

      Please let me know which specific works you might like prints of … they are available from time to time; however, I do not mass produce or generally offer such prints of my work for a couple reasons. To make a long story short; (1) They are fairly expensive. I can often come much closer to providing a NEW original (which is by far the better investment for my collector, and me, long run). And (2), They are produced by a third-party supplier (printer) and i cannot always ensure they are of the highest perfection (control is not 100% mine, except to refuse the prints, costly, at times, as I want the highest quality prints or art for my much-valued collectors and customers.

      Meg, PLEASE let me know which works you like. I bet we can come to agreement on very reasonable terms for creation of NEW original painting or paintings for you, based on the works you like. :-)

      I look forward to hearing back from you, and I thank you for your time and interest in my life’s work.

      Please visit THIS link to view some of my past works, for your selection(s):

      My contact info is also below, thank you!

      My very best to you and yours, very soon,

      J. Vincent

      979-587-7498 (Studio cell)

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